Getting rid of one object per day

Among last year’s resolutions, not only to prepare for a hypothetical change of address, but also to get rid of the burden of objects accumulated over the years that I will never be using again, during the second half of 2021 I started developing a new habit, which I must admit that I’m beginning to like a lot.

Every day of each month I get rid of one object per day, usually books or clothes that I no longer use.

I don’t throw them away or burn them (figuratively speaking) unless they are in very bad condition. I deposit my old clothes in places that guarantee that they will give a second use to these goods, as long as they meet the quality requirements that the receiving organization establishes.

The thing with footwear is a bit more delicate. I’m an architect and work on construction sites almost all day, my shoes reach a very high level of wear and tear at the end of their useful life. So, usually, the shoes I no longer use are not in such good condition to give to anyone. Thus, I throw them away.

Books, comic books, video games… popular culture’s consumer goods, which I have come to think I’m addicted to, if they meet acceptable conservation conditions, I sell them on websites like eBay or similar. Or I give them away. If I hear from a family member or friend that wants to read a certain book that I have, I just give this good a new life.

But yes, the idea is that every day of every month I get rid of an object that I don’t need and will never be using again.

Selecting the object is not an easy task. I hold each of my comic books as a treasure, and my old clothes are waiting to rag or be used for summer activities that never come in the end. So it’s not unusual that I skip a day or two of throwing away things. If that is the case, the day after I have twice as much work, so I might as well keep up with it.

As if freeing up bulk to carry in a future move wasn’t enough, selling some of these items lets me save an amount of money that hopefully this year will be enough to replace my old camera … which I will also be selling.

Honestly, the feeling I have getting rid of more things than I acquire is highly satisfying.

And I`ll keep up the good work!



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